Built on the Cosmos ecosystem, Agoric empowers developers to craft secure, user-friendly decentralized applications (dApps) with familiar JavaScript tools. Leveraging a unique component framework and advanced safety features, Agoric streamlines web3 development, making it accessible to millions. The ever-expanding Agoric ecosystem provides a comprehensive suite of tools, services, and a continuously growing network of over 60 cross-chain connections. This positions Agoric as the ideal launchpad for developers and enthusiasts venturing into the exciting world of web3.

Proposal Notification

Real-time notifications delivered via Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Slack ensure you're instantly alerted to new proposals, voting deadlines, and finalized outcomes. Configure your preferred notification channels and alert frequency to get started.

Voting available!

Vote on governance proposals directly through GovScan! You can connect using the wallet associated with your $BLDtokens and once connected, you will be presented with the total voting power owned and your voting history.

Proposal Explorer

0 Active Proposals
GovScan offers a clear overview of the entire proposal lifecycle and effortless access to allAgoricgovernance proposals, as well as intuitive filtering options to easily identify them based on their current status.View Agoric Proposals