Leveraging the Arbitrum Rollup and AnyTrust protocols, Arbitrum acts as a powerful engine for fostering faster and cheaper Ethereum transactions. This enhanced scalability empowers developers to create user-centric decentralized applications (dApps) that can truly thrive. $ARB holders collectively steer the future of these protocols and chains through voting on Arbitrum DAO governance proposals. For those who prefer not to vote directly, delegation allows them to entrust their voting power to designated delegates.

Proposal Notification

Real-time notifications delivered via Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Slack ensure you're instantly alerted to new proposals, voting deadlines, and finalized outcomes. Configure your preferred notification channels and alert frequency to get started.

Proposal Explorer

2 Active Proposals
GovScan offers a clear overview of the entire proposal lifecycle and effortless access to allArbitrumgovernance proposals, as well as intuitive filtering options to easily identify them based on their current status.View Arbitrum Proposals