Dymension Chain, secured by the DYM token, acts as a complex foundation for RollApps. Dymension offers three key functionalities for RollApps: security, bridging, and liquidity. The network's validators secure RollApp funds, and RollApps leverage a single IBC connection to Dymension to bridge with each other and the broader crypto ecosystem.Furthermore, Dymension incorporates an Automated Market Maker(AMM) to facilitate efficient asset exchange, price discovery, and most importantly, shared liquidity across the entire RollApp ecosystem.

Proposal Notification

Real-time notifications delivered via Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Slack ensure you're instantly alerted to new proposals, voting deadlines, and finalized outcomes. Configure your preferred notification channels and alert frequency to get started.

Voting available!

Vote on governance proposals directly through GovScan! You can connect using the wallet associated with your $DYMtokens and once connected, you will be presented with the total voting power owned and your voting history.

Proposal Explorer

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GovScan offers a clear overview of the entire proposal lifecycle and effortless access to allDymensiongovernance proposals, as well as intuitive filtering options to easily identify them based on their current status.View Dymension Proposals