Initia is a blockchain network that combines a foundational Layer 1 blockchain with a custom Layer 2 infrastructure. This design fosters a tightly knit ecosystem of modular networks. Initia's Layer 1 acts as an orchestration layer, managing security, liquidity, routing, and interoperability across various rollups. It achieves this through the OPinit Stack, a framework that enables secure scaling for different virtual machine environments. Initia also introduces a unique "Enshrined Liquidity" mechanism that enhances security and liquidity by staking tokens with validators.

Proposal Notification

Real-time notifications delivered via Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Slack ensure you're instantly alerted to new proposals, voting deadlines, and finalized outcomes. Configure your preferred notification channels and alert frequency to get started.

Proposal Explorer

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GovScan offers a clear overview of the entire proposal lifecycle and effortless access to allInitiagovernance proposals, as well as intuitive filtering options to easily identify them based on their current status.View Initia Proposals

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Initia governance proposals?

Initia's governance leans on a staking system with token voting rights. Users can stake either solo INIT tokens or approved liquidity pool tokens (INIT-USDC, for example) to participate. The total voting power is based on the amount of INIT staked, regardless if it's solo or in a liquidity pool, token holders who stake their tokens gain voting power. Proposals undergo a designated voting period where stakers can cast their votes for or against the proposal.

When will I be able to vote on Initia proposals directly in GovScan?

Coming soon! We are working on implementing this functionality for Initia, GovScan will notify you when in-app voting will be enabled.

Can I switch off some of the notifications I receive?

Yes, you can choose which type of notifications to receive and their frequency from the Notification Settings section here: Settings. Make sure you're logged in to access it!

I'm not interested in a chain, how can I stop receiving notifications?

You can unsubscribe from a chain's notifications from each chain page. Log in and click the Unsubscribe button on the chain you no longer want to follow.

How can I setup different notifications channels?

You can find detailed documentation on setting up every notifications channel here: Documentation